Spectrum Of Services

Custom Clearance:
Import: Preparation of B/E & other documents; customs clearance & Completion of Docks / Airport / Octroi
Formalities: Bond-Exbond; Trans shipment.
Export : Pre-Shipment, Post-Shipment Documentation, Customs Formalities, Duty Drawback
Experience : Projects, DEEC, 100 EOU, STP, EHTP, FTZ, EPCG, DEPB, High Sea's Sale, Re-Import, Re-Export Exhibitions, Temporary Import, Job works...

International Freight Forwarding

Export Consolidation: Air-Sea
Import Consolidation: Air - Sea
Multimodal Transport Operator
Air Cargo Booking
Project Forwarding
Exhibition Forwarding
Buyers Consolidation

Ancillary Services

Packing And Palletisation
Tracking Of Consignments, Chasing/Follow Up With Supplier/Buyer

Buying Agent
Procurement And Sourcing
LC Financing And Documentation

Advisory Services

Pre-Security Of Documents | Import Policy & Customs| Tariff | Insurance Matters & Claims | Octroi Refunds | Bond Cancellation | Duty Drawbacks | Information On Foreign Country Regulations, Tariffs And Costs


A Quality Service to Shipowners and Shipping Lines

TICC is the general agent for shipowners in Southeast Asia, Russia, Dubai, Egypt. Latin America. and other countries

As an integral part of its service, TICC assists shipowners in identifying cargo and trade opportunities worldwide in order to formulate an optimum strategy for their vessel movements.

TICC looks after shipowners interests in a representative capacity in the following areas, always delivering this traditional full service in the shortest possible time while ensuring maximum quality

Chartering out of vessels.
Fixing dry cargo.
Supervision of operations whilst the ship is in port.
Stevedoring supervision.
Purchase and sale of second-hand vessels on the owner's behalf.


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